Education is the key to prevention, Well Defended Women offers several different options for adding layers of protection to your Personal Protection Plan.

Along with education being equipped with the proper Personal Protection Products will enable you to complete the layering of your Personal Production Plan.

Well Defended Women has partnered with Damsel In Defense a leader in non-lethal self defense products. Who's mission goes hand in hand with Well Defended Women's "Education + Equipped = Empowered"

Empower Hour

An Empower Hour is a free in home/office event where you learn about the Personal Protection Products that are available to you. What products are legal for what age and the options you have to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Situational Awareness Class

This is a one hour class where we start to build your Personal Protection Plan by teaching you how to be more aware of your surroundings, what to look for in a predator and how to get bystanders to take action during an event.

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Warrior Workshop

This is a hands on workshop where you learn how to use the 3 most popular non-lethal Personal Protection Products. Come in your workout cloths and comfy shoes.

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Self Defense Workshop

We offer a 3 hour Self Defense Workshop where you get hands on experience in defending yourself from an attacker. Come build your confidence.

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